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Deadweight 80

Melbourne five piece hardcore/thrash machines Deadweight 80 describe their music as “ in-your-face vocals punctuated with blasting drumbeats and heavy hardcore guitar and bass riffs for punching windows”.
Formed in 2018, Deadweight hit the ground running with an energetic live show, releasing the single ‘Strawberry Pills’ and gaining air time on triple j’s
Recently they have recruited vocalist Geordie releasing their new single “ N.J.N.P.” which is a throwback to the early days of hardcore that threaten to melt the very skin from your face.
2021 is already looking up for the band after a killer set at this years Kilfest, performing along side the likes of Flaming Wrekage, Frankenbok, Desecrator and King Parrot.
Momentum is building for the band so be sure to look out and get aboard the Deadweight80 train.

Deadweight 80: Bands
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