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PistonFist have driven hard and fast into the music scene with a foot firmly planted on the accelerator! Brisbane’s heavy rock scene has welcomed them in full force, firmly cementing their place since their inception in 2018. Armed with massive riffs, gravel strained vocals and super slick lead breaks PistonFist have unleashed their ‘Petrol Rock’ into the world and are ready to take it further!PistonFist have already made a serious mark on the heavy music industry, playing major festivals in Brisbane such as Dead of Winter, Halloween Hysteria and Outmoshyama. This year will see them support USA band Falling Doves plus leading slots at Rockstock Riot, Beat the Beast, Brisbane Unites, and MoonDoll Festival. They have already toured Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns and Townsville. Their music is hard, heavy and in your face but also delivers a positive message. To them, music isn’t just about making noise. It is about that connection that only tight, solid out-fits can make. No ego, no bullshit, no labels, just good, honest and heavy rock music

Hailmary: TeamMember
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